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At Quesos Finos Mexicanos we care about bringing all the flavor of the good cheese to your table, with the best quality and the Mexican flavor you know.




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Quesos Finos Mexicanos


Quesos Finos Mexicanos is a subsidiary company of Mi Costeñita that has been charmed by importing Mexican quality products to the hispanic market, focusing on traditional Mexican fine cheeses, cream, Mexican style sausages, pork pickles, regional Mexican sweets, pure cow milk cajeta, jellies, flans and rice with milk among others.

  • 2008 A business opportunity is discovered and cheese imported from Mexico is distributed in the Chicago Area.
  • 2011 We stop being a distributor, and the brand Fine Mexican Cheese "Only the best" is created as a subsidiary of Mi Costeñita with the idea of ​​importing directly from Mexico and sell cheese characteristic of certain regions of Mexico such as the Cincho cheese and the Cotija cheese.
  • 2013 Own distribution centers are opened in California, Minnesota, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin.
  • 2015 The image of the brand is modified again and "Authentic Regional" Mexican Fine Cheese is created
  • 2016 New products are added to offer the market as Salvadoran, Central American and Mexican cream, Muenster cheese, Quesadilla cheese, fresh cheese, Oaxaca cheese, jellies, puddings, rice with milk, jellies with fruit, variety of sausages and longaniza, cueritos and pats in vinegar, hams, pork lard, marinades, moles, crystallized sweets, sweet potato and enameled pumpkin, crystallized figs, mix of sweets, village bread, cow milk cajeta and ates.
Today we are looking to reach more markets with the entire product line.

With the goal of reaching more customers every day


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